At Ouroborus Book Services we offer several different book creation services.

Print and e-book Publishing Services (including full edit and appraisal): from $1500AU (art extra)

This is a Managed Self Publication Package via our Independent Publishing Imprint. Prices vary depending on word count, features and additional advertising if required.

E-book only Publishing Services (including full edit and appraisal): from $1000AU (art extra)

Editing Services:

  • Comprehensive Edit (grammar, structure and flow): $1.00AU/ 75 words
  • Basic Edit (grammar only): $1.00AU/ 150 words

Appraisal: An Appraisal comprises of a full read through of a completed manuscript and a report of at least one typed page to address any issues, plot points, structure and any other help needed to get the manuscript to the next stage. 

$120.00AU  >100,000 words

$180.00AU for 100,001 – 200,000 words

$230.00AU for 200,000+ words

 Our editor is a Full Member of the Institute of Professional Editors 

Art Services:

Click here for details. Other art services available on request.

Covers, book marks and other promotionals can be made on request.

Portfolio available at

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