At Ouroborus Book Services we offer several different book creation services.

Print and e-book Publishing Services (including full edit and appraisal): from $1500AU-$2500 (art extra)

This is a Managed Self Publication Package via our Independent Publishing Imprint. Prices vary depending on word count, features and additional advertising if required.

E-book only Publishing Services (including full edit and appraisal): from $1000-$2000AU (art extra)

Editing Services:

  • Comprehensive Edit (grammar, structure and flow): $1.00AU/ 75 words
  • Subsequent/Basic Edit: $1.00AU/ 150 words
  • Final Proof:  $1.00AU/ 300 words

Appraisal: An Appraisal comprises of a full read through of a completed manuscript and a report of at least one typed page to address any issues, plot points, structure and any other help needed to get the manuscript to the next stage. This is included in a comprehensive edit.

$120.00AU  >100,000 words

$180.00AU for 100,001 – 200,000 words

$230.00AU for 200,000+ words

 Our editor is a Full Member of the Institute of Professional Editors 


This creates print ready files for publication and e-book formatting. (If only doing one format, please halve costing.)

$700 for both

E-book Processing

This is to convert the file to an epub file, make changes to layout, images etc so it shows properly on e-readers, and will work for both kindle and iBook.



They include bookmark design (plus 500 bookmarks, full colour), poster design and printing, launch flyers/invites (if having one), and author business card design and signage design.

Other items with be designed at no additional cost but items must be paid for by the author, eg banners for book signings etc. It also includes design of social media ads, online shop inclusion and blog inclusion. Merchandise design also created.

This price can be negotiated on depending on what you are wanting.


Cover Art

We pride ourselves on once off covers, using a combo of custom, manipulated and original artwork.


Other art services (eg Illustration) available on request.

Portfolio available at

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